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We've recently experienced errors in the calculation of EI premiums due to a kit release Vadim installed. The release was to address changes CRA made in calculating pensionable hours but the release inadvertently changed how EI premiums are calculated in that Vadim started looking at only the first row of info for any employee. Vadim is now working on a hotfix for next week.

I'm curious if other users are aware of the issue and if so, how are you addressing it? We are waiting for the hotfix and then if it works properly, we'll adjust at that point.




  • This is the response that I got to my Case submitted yesterday:
    Hi Tristan,
    I'll escalate this case to tier 2 for further investigation. Another analyst will be in touch with you.
    For now, please use the below steps, as a workaround, to process payroll.
    1. Enter hours as per your usual business process.
    2. PA4050 > Current Pay Period > UNPAID > Note any employees that have Line items with the same number of hours
    3. PA4040 > Complete payroll calculation as normal for the current pay period
    4. PA4050 > Current Pay Period > PAID > each employee > EI Pay code > Check # hours against the Total hours Paid to employee > Looking for hour amounts that are less than the Total hours worked > EI calculated amount will be based on those reduced hours.
    5. Ascertain :
    1. Difference between correct Hours worked amount and the amount from the Calculation
    2. Difference between correct EI deduction amount and the deduction from the Calculation
    3. Difference between correct Earning Base (Hours *Rate) amount and the Earning base amount from the Calculation
    4. Once difference is determined record on an Excel Spread sheet or some other method to have these amounts readily available for use.
    6. PA3020 > Modify Paid > Each employee that has a discrepancy recorded> Select “Cheque” from current period > Last line in transaction record – EI pay code
    1. HOURS – hours missing as determined in 5 (a) above
    2. AMOUNT – Adjusted amount as determined in 5(b) above (enter a +’ve number and the sign will flip to –‘ve to increase the deductions and decrease the employee pay cheque amount
    3. EARNINGS BASE - Earnings base amount missing as determined in 5 ( c ) above
    4. SAVE
    5. Complete this process for all affected employees
    7. PA4050 > Current Pay Period > PAID > each employee > EI Pay code > Check # hours against the Total hours Paid to employee > Ensure the hours now agree with the total (there will now be 2 lines for the EI deduction ) and that the EI calculated amount agrees with the expected total
    8. Complete balance of Payroll process as normal.

    Vanessa Banham

  • Thanks Tristan! This is great.

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