How many residents use tax deferment?

I was wondering what the percentage of residents that use property tax deferment in other municipalities is. Comox is around 7%.


  • Mackenzie is less than 1%. We only have two residents that use the program

  • Ladysmith is around 7% too.

  • North Saanich is around 12%

  • Gibsons is around 12%

    Lorraine Coughlin
    Director of Finance
    Town of Gibsons

  • Township of Langley 4%

  • Last year, we had 12 total, which makes about 1% of our tax base.

  • Powell River has the following % of residential properties taking part in the property tax deferral program.
    2016 - 2.9%
    2017 - 3.6%
    2018 - 4.4%
    2019 - 4.9%

    99% of people taking part in the deferral program access it though the regular program (55+, surviving spouse, disability)

  • Vancouver was about 5% for 2019.

  • In 2019, the Village of Lions Bay had 103 residents (or 37%) defer their taxes which is consistent with prior years. We anticipate the 2020 rate to be the same or higher.

    Pamela Rooke
    Village of Lions Bay

  • Correction - in 2019 17% of residents deferred their taxes (sorry - typo).

    Pamela Rooke
    Village of Lions Bay

  • @Pamela Rooke I was going to be very jealous of that 37%, but 17% is still better than everyone else.

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