Extra Pay for Essential Service Workers

Is any municipality paying a premium for those employees that are continuing to work as essential services workers? This may be referred to as danger pay or dirty pay.


  • Or "hero" pay as requested by some of our workers. It is a slippery slope, especially with some of our front line staff like Firefighters and RCMP municipal employees. We don't but I am interested to see if others do.

  • We have asked preoc about adding premium pay for PW/Utility employees who are required to work in close proximity and wear PPE during this pandemic only. This pay would be incremental and only during this pandemic. The LOU would be very specific and it will only being offered if EMBC responds favourably. We don't have paid firefighters or RCMP so perhaps this is more manageable for us. We are thinking about watermain breaks for example where 2-3 employees are required to work in close proximity to remediate. Daily tasks are easily managed by maintaining social distancing. We know there will be circumstances where this is not possible outside of regular daily tasks. I will update if/when I hear back from preoc on a decision

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