Credit cards as an accepted payment for property taxes

We are considering accepting credit cards for payment of property taxes with an added charge to offset the credit card fee. Do any other municipalities do this? Can you share your experience and how you manage it? Thanks so much!

Deb Bodnar
Director of Finance, Village of Tahsis
[email protected]


  • Hi Deb
    The City of Powell River does not accept credit card payments for property taxes over the phone or in person however; I did come across a company that would take credit card payments for taxes. Paytm is the company their deal is that they want to become a purchasing hub app type of thing. You could go onto their app and pay all your bills and order goods from their app similar to amazon. Paytm transfers 100% of the payments made to the city and they absorb the credit card fee as a business expense and their goal is to increase the popularity of their serves. No setup cost to the city and no transaction fees to the city. Money was received similar to a payment made at a bank online.

    We had a small uptake on this service as it was not all that popularized. At the time the company only accepted mastercard. I paid my personal property taxes through paytm and it was an easy process.


  • Hi Deb,
    City of Cranbrook just recently went to a change to accept credit cards for taxes, utilities and other payments with a convenience charge. Send me an email [email protected]

    Melissa Smith
    City of Cranbrook
    [email protected]
    (250) 489-0265

  • We are also looking into an online system such as paytm, how easy was it to set up on the Municipal side?

  • Lena. It is easy to setup PayTM. The biggest effort is with communicating to the public that convenience fees apply. Check out for a link to PayTM. We try to explain the fees ahead of the customer clicking on the link to PayTM. We allow for Property Tax payments but the majority of payments have been for lower dollar invoices (i.e. Business Licences).

  • Wayne, does Paytm accept all types of credit cards now. When I first looked at them about 3 years ago they only accepted mastercard as the Visa service contract did not allow them to charge a convenience fee or a service charge

  • VISA and Mastercard are accepted at this time. Here is a link to our landing page.

  • I was wondering if anyone has used for payments of taxes/utilities and if so is it easy to setup?

  • Sparwood started accepting credit cards via Paytm last fall. Super easy to transition to and we have not experienced any issues at all. They charge/collect a service fee when payment is made through the website and we receive our payment via direct deposit to our bank account.

    You can have a look at our website (see "Pay by Credit Card") and play around with the payment page (this can all be customized with them):

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