Council Reimbursement for Conferences - Loss of Pay?

I'm hoping to find out which municipalities in BC have a policy or bylaw which pays a daily rate for Council members to attend UBCM or Local Association meetings OVER AND ABOVE reimbursement for mileage, travel, meals, hotels, etc. The purpose is for reimbursing for loss of pay while the Council member is away tending to municipal business. I would really appreciate if you could reply to this post with the daily rate or email me at [email protected] I would be happy to summarize the results and post them here. I'm hoping for a robust reply from all of my wonderful colleagues so I can take a meaningful report back to Council. Thank you so much for any assistance!

Karen Cote
District of Invermere
[email protected]


  • Hello Karen
    I have worked for the Village of Pouce Coupe, the City of Dawson Creek and the City of Powell River and none of these municipalities paid mayor and council over and above their normal remuneration to attend conferences, or other meetings.

    Expense reimbursement is the only other payment that mayor and council would receive.

  • We do not provide any loss of pay reimbursement to Council.

  • Hello Karen,
    We do not provide any loss of pay reimbursement to Council.

  • Hi Karen,

    We do not do any kind reimbursement.

  • Village of Burns Lake provides $100 flat rate per day for Councillors when on out of town business.

    Susan Meeds, CPA, CGA
    Director of Finance
    Village of Burns Lake

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