Asset Management Plan Consultants

We are currently looking for a consultant to help us build our asset management plan. I'd truly appreciate any recommendations if your community has utilized a consultant and you were happy with the result.

Thanks in advance,

Rachelle Willick, CFO
District of Fort St. James


  • I would appreciate any recommendations as well.

    Thank you,
    Joni L'Heureux
    [email protected]

  • I have worked with TRUE Consulting from Kamloops; Dave and his group are super to work with.

  • Hi Rachelle - Whistler used Cory Sivell, he has recently gone out on his own - or you can reach him at [email protected] Cory prepared an Asset Management Investment Plan for us that has been very well received by Senior Management and Council. Our mayor called his recent presentation the single most compelling presentation he's seen in his 8 years on council. The plan Cory left us with is something that we can update annually (so it won't just collect dust on a shelf the year after it is prepared) and gave us confidence that we will be able to plan for the replacement of our assets. Our plan was 100% funded by UBCM - Cory prepared the grant application and is very up to speed on what grant funds are available. We are already looking at phase 2 with Cory and exploring new grant opportunities. Cory has prepared 70 asset plans across the province - I don't think you would be able to find anyone with more experience or a better understanding of what your community needs than Cory. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss further.

  • Thanks everyone this helps a lot :)

  • The RDNO used Corry Sivell (Your City), he is very knowledgeable and creates an easy to use and financially manageable plan. [email protected]

    Rose Bronswyk Kassa, CPA, CMA

  • The City of Rossland also worked with Cory Sivell, and similar as Whistler, collaborated on back to back grant projects to develop an AM Policy and tools to assess future requirements and current asset health, looking at both our GIS data and financial data. A practical approach to asset management that everyone can understand and support. Highly recommend.
    [email protected]

  • The Village of Lions Bay also used Cory Sivell ([email protected]). He prepared an Asset Management Investment Plan for the Village which was very well received by our Council. I would highly recommend Cory.

    Pamela Rooke
    Village of Lions Bay

  • At the City of Penticton we have used Cory Sivell to develop our asset management plan and complete related projects. Cory is a great collaborator, takes a practical approach, and has been able to identify and assist with securing grants, to minimize the cost to our City. I would highly recommend Cory.

  • The Village of Valemount is currently working with Urban Systems on our Asset Management Plan. So far, the process has been working well and we are expecting a detailed living report that we can use going forward.

  • The Village of Burns Lake is working with City Wide (Public Sector Digest).

    Susan Meeds, CPA, CGA
    Director of Finance
    Village of Burns Lake

  • Cumberland used Cory Sivell for our asset management plan just recently and our Council was happy with it and Cory has a unique perspective on asset management and is great to work with.

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