Early Budget Approval

I'm looking to find out what process other communities follow, when it comes to early budget approvals. In particular, if you have capital or operating projects that are in your 2019-2023 Financial Plan, but were not in your 2018-2022 Financial Plan, do you ask for early budget approval? Or do you amend your 2018-2022 Financial Plan to include them as an expenditure in 2019? Thanks!


  • We have had a few projects come up that have needed approval before the financial plan is adopted. In Lillooet, staff reports to Council and asks for early approval for the project. From the finance side, I provide Council with options for funding should it be required (most are for projects that would be grant funded).

  • Our first view of the budget is always before the new year and a list of early approvals goes to the last meeting of the year so that the projects can be started or tendered in the new year. We usually adopt in February.

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