GIS Solutions for small municipalities

What are other small municipalities, without dedicated GIS staff or sophisticated in-house GIS products, doing for GIS? This relates to GIS for internal purposes (i.e. Planning and Development) and GIS for the public or economic development.

Do you partner with your regional district? Are you using ParcelMap BC? Do you use a hosted GIS solution? Do you contract out the maintenance of your spatial data?

We are looking to issue an RFQ in this area and any information on potential companies and products would help us determine the distribution list. Thanks!


  • Invermere (pop. 3,391) has partnered with the Regional District of East Kootenay. I'd be happy to send you a copy of our contract, please email [email protected] if you're interested. We have been extremely happy with this contract! Cheers, Karen

    Karen Cote
    District of Invermere
    [email protected]

  • The Village of Pouce Coupe (pop. 792) had a similar arrangement to Invermere.

  • Hi Wayne,
    Radium Hot Springs is also a partner with the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK). We are very pleased with the service and accessibility of our mapping. We log remotely into the RDEK Tempest program. Our Public Works, Planning and Finance departments all have access. The information is coordinated with ParcelMap BC and BCAA.

    Karen Sharp, Village of Radium Hot Springs

  • Village of Hazelton (pop. 300), we use a hybrid system, we use both Lightship, Parcel Maps BC, in-house docs. Not sure if that helps.

    Kelsey Green
    Deputy Finance Officer
    Village of Hazelton
    Email: [email protected] | Ph: 250.842.5991 | Fax: 250.842.5152

  • Lake Country has partnered with the Regional District of Central Okanagan but recently hired one in house staff to assist (GIS Analyst) but are considering bringing it all in house . . .

  • Thanks for all the feedback. Looks like we may need to approach our RD to see if an opportunity exists to partner.

  • Has anyone issued and RFP/RFQ for a web mapping system in the past few years that they would be willing to share?

  • FYI - the City of Merritt is implementing the Munisight GIS product with Vadim (iCity) integration. Just about ready to go-live.

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