Tax Sale Upset Price made public?

We publish the delinquent property listing twice in the newspaper with the folio, civic and short legal description, then ask bidders to have certified funds available at Tax Sale. At what point do we make the Upset Price available to potential bidders? I can't seem to find any legislation on this.



  • We just received a request this morning asking for the upset price. We are also looking for this same information about when we can release the price if anyone has it.


  • We publish the short legal description, civic address and upset price in the paper. We also post an up-to-date listing in the front entry to City Hall as the newspaper ad quickly becomes out of date.

  • We publish the upset price in the paper with the description

  • Parksville also publishes the upset price in the paper. You could also put an up to date listing on your website to show which have been paid off or partly paid off since the ad was placed in the paper as the paper listing can quickly be out of date.

  • We also publish the upset price in the two ads.

  • Interesting, thanks for the input.

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