donation receipts for benches or picnic tables

does anyone give donation receipts for benches or picnic tables while recognizing their donation with a plaque on the asset? Do you allow this for individuals and businesses?


  • Hi Elma,

    we provide donation receipts for benches and picnic tables. Those benches/picnic tables have a plaque typically in memoriam of a family member/friend/etc. We will issue a receipt to an individual or business, however I am not aware of any businesses in the past that have requested - likely because they can expense the donation against business income.

  • Elma,
    Lillooet also provides donation receipts for our memorial benches and trees.

  • We only provide actual charitable donation receipts for cash. In limited cases, where there is a clear 3rd party FMV evaluation available on non cash donations and the donor is requesting it, we will consider those on a case by case basis.

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