Class 4 Major Industry Properties

Elkford is in the midst of an appeal with BC Assessment Authority relating to the tax classification of Teck Coal's new Active Water Treatment Plant for removing of selenium and other constituents from the water that flows through the mine site.
We would really love to hear from other taxing Municipalities or RD’s with Class 4 – Major Industry properties that have other Classes also listed on their tax rolls. Those would likely be Class 5 or 6. We are happy to do the digging to find out what those other classes are for - Please just have a quick look at your roll and send me your folio numbers and we will take it from there. If your Class 4 properties are all Class 4, that is helpful to know too. We are interested in any Class 4 (mines/mills, smelter, etc.)
Sparwood, our neighbour down the road is in the same type of appeal. We would greatly appreciate a response by the end of the week.
Thank you ,
Marilyn Rookes
[email protected]

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