10% penalty appeal Contact

Does anyone have a contact that I can provide a resident who wants to appeal the 10% penalty for late tax payment?


  • As received by Local Government Infrastructure and Finance Branch
    Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing:

    The Community Charter is provincial legislation that requires the addition of a ten percent penalty to all taxes unpaid after the property tax due date. Municipal Councils do not have the discretion to waive or reduce the penalty.

    By providing the requirement to apply the penalty on late property taxes in legislation, a municipality is not given the power to decide whether a penalty applies. This ensures that penalties are applied as fairly as possible and that the administrative burden is reduced for municipalities.

    Local governments can request permission from the Minister to forgive penalties in rare circumstances. However, to support the system, the Minister will not grant permission unless the penalty was absolutely unavoidable by the tax-payer due to circumstances like a municipal strike or an error by the BC Assessment Authority. Individual property owners are unable to appeal directly to the Province.

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