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Does anyone collect taxes from their Ambulance Station? If so, which taxes do you collect? All or only specific ones? eg. Municipal). Is the property exempt? We have an ambulance station that is tax exempt, and not on the Grant Rolls, but they advised if we sent them a "Tax Invoice" they would pay. We did, and we listed all taxes. So when we collect, we would pay School, Policing, BCAA etc. Would just like to know how other municipalities handle their Ambulance Stations in regards to taxation.
Thanks. Wendy [email protected]


  • Hi Wendy,

    I think you need to talk to BC Assessment and ensure they are on your GIL list first. They might know why it isn't on the list first place or make the adjustment if they need to, but ambulance stations should be providing a grant in lieu:

  • Thanks Jennifer. I was going to contact them, but thought I'd put it on here first as I thought others may have similar situations.

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    Hi All,

    I thought others could benefit from the answer we provided Wendy regarding grants in lieu of taxes for BC Emergency Health Services properties.

    Upon introduction of the Emergency Health Service Act, BC Emergency Health Services folios across the Province were changed from grant-able (exempt tax code 62) to non-grant-able (exempt tax code 67) for the 2015 Roll.

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