Tax Sale deferral

Who will be deferring their tax sale for 2020?
Who will be continuing with their tax sale as per usual?


  • I'm curious about this too. Just writing my report to Council and I'm recommending that we proceed with both (tax sale 2020 and the redemption period for 2019 tax sale) as per normal but will see what Council decides.

  • Comox is sticking to the 28th of September

  • We're going to proceed with both - we don't feel that a deferment will make any difference to those that haven't paid for 3 years, or used the 1 year to redeem the property.

  • I am undecided and will wait until after our July 2nd due date to decide on a recommendation. Because our Council does not hold meetings in August, I will need to get approval in July in order to meet the Aug 31st deadline.

    Lorraine Coughlin
    Director of Finance
    Town of Gibsons

  • I took a report to Council and we will be holding the 2020 tax sale if we still have delinquent taxes at the end of Sept. We have not had a tax sale for 6 years, so am hopeful we will get the O/S taxes paid before the end of Sept. Taxes outstanding from 2 years ago do not really relate to COVID-19 hardships, so not really necessary to delay the tax sale.

  • We have not taken this to View Royal Council yet but agree with the comments above. We have not had a tax sale in many years, and hope not to start this year!

    Dawn Christenson
    Town of View Royal
    [email protected]

  • I wish we could go years without a tax sale, but we have one every year.

  • We moved our due date to September 30 and so rather than deal with tax sale and due date all in one week - we will be asking Council to defer. I also wasn't quite sure how we would deal with an upset price that included current taxes that were not yet due.

    I also have a rather complicated tax sale property from prior year that I will be asking Council to extend the redemption date on. Although, I would have been asking for the extension anyway under existing legislation as the District was the purchaser at tax sale and there are some issues surrounding this tax sale.

  • We are doing the same as Lake Country … with our penalty date being October 1st (we left the due date July 2nd but just moved the penalty date), it was too much to deal with in one week. Luckily all our properties from last year have redeemed so we don't need to worry about that part.

  • Village of Hazelton will keep the 2020 Tax Sale

    Kelsey Green
    Deputy Finance Officer
    Village of Hazelton
    Email: [email protected] | Ph: 250.842.5991 | Fax: 250.842.5152

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    Is there anyone who adopted an alternate tax scheme (due date Sept 30th) who is still going ahead with the 2020 tax sale? If so, how are you dealing with the current taxes within the upset price?

  • Technically, the taxes were still due on July 2nd, the only change is that the penalty amount is not being applied to taxes until Oct 1st. We are requesting to council next week to continue with the tax sale on Sept 28th, and we will be calculating the upset price with the current tax amount owing. The decision needed is to include the penalty amount in the upset price, or leave it out for this year because of the delayed penalty date, which is probably what we will end up doing.

  • Hi all those who are holding Tax Sale in 2020, can I please get ideas on how you are going to do it following the Covid restrictions with respect to capacity, no of people in Chambers considering physical distancing. Is anybody maybe considering to hold Tax Sale in other location other than Council Chamber (although, this might need legal counsel)? As for upset price, is everybody doing current amount owing less penalty?

  • Kamloops Council decided to accept Administration's recommendation to defer the tax sale. Report and Bylaw to Council Aug 11. Cara is still writing everything...

  • @Celma Schribar From the collectors forum last Wednesday Doug Stein said one of his legal acquaintances indicated that the sale had to be in council chambers based on the wording in the LGA, but he did state that you can likely find a lawyer who interprets it another way (good way to generate revenue when you can interpret English and charge $500/hr :smile: )

  • Town of Oliver will not be deferring. Tax sale will b

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