Changes in Ownership /Address

How do you handle address / ownership changes? Do you take the info from Land Titles or BC Assessment (download / manual)?


  • Hi Lisa
    We take from the land title documents and input address changes manually because I find BC Assessment address are not current

  • Hi Lisa. We update with the Lands Title Notifications we receive and then confirm the updates when we process the BC Assessment uploads. Any mobile home properties are updated with just the BC Assessment upload.

  • We use the BC Assessment download. We started using this last year and found there were some address errors, however, I believe this was due to staff years ago who did not properly notify BC Assessment of address changes. Now that we've got this all fixed it saves so much time!

  • We use the same process as Tammy - update with Land Title Notifications and confirm updates when we process BC Assessment uploads.

    Lorraine Coughlin
    Director of Finance
    Town of Gibsons

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