Cheque Scanners

We are looking at purchasing a cheque scanner and was wondering what the pros and cons that you may experienced with cheque scanners and the bank's associated software (CIBC client)?

Cost, efficiency, maintenance ….



  • We bought a Chexpress 30 and use it with our CIBC account and have had no problems with it. The cost was reasonable and it was easy to set up. There is a monthly fee of $30 from the bank. Our local bank closed and it is saving us from having to frequently travel to a bank 45 minutes away.

  • Our bank offered a free trial period of a cheque scanner (BMO) after using it for a month we sent it back. My staff tracked the time it took to use the cheque scanner, with issues popping up vs. doing the deposit slip and it was a lot longer with the cheque scanner. We won't use one unless the bank forces us to :)

    Melissa Smith
    City of Cranbrook
    [email protected]
    (250) 489-0265

  • Thanks for the feedback … we have ended up not pursuing using a cheque scanner due to the bank fees that would be incurred. Glad to hear it works for you Bonnie and I'm glad the trial period was free for you Melissa.

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