Office Open or Closed to the Public

Our Municipal Hall is currently closed to the public but that may change during tax time. Is anyone else closed and if so do you foresee staying closed indefinitely or will you re-assess at tax time? How are you accepting payments?


  • Closed to the public right now but we're opening for tax collection, limit of one person at a time in office due to space constraints. We'll have sneeze guards at the counter and we are taking cash, cheque, debit and online payments, maybe credit cards if the new system is operating in time.

  • Our City Hall is currently open by appointment only, and we're exploring options as to how we'll accommodate the public during tax season. Our messaging will definitely push the online payment options, and we announced last year that 2020 would be our first year accepting home owner grants online only. We're considering not accepting cash.

  • We are closed to the public but we have a window with plexiglass with slide through slot so that they have access to our wireless debit machine and can pass their taxes, utilities, signed hog etc. This will be time consuming cleaning the machine after each use and ensuring people stay behind the taped lines to wait in line, but don't have any other better plan at this time.

  • Our office is closed to the public but hopefully will get plexiglass for the office.

    Kelsey Green
    Deputy Finance Officer
    Village of Hazelton
    Email: [email protected] | Ph: 250.842.5991 | Fax: 250.842.5152

  • We are closed to the public but we have installed plexiglass at the front counter and will be laying down distancing markers on the floor which will indicate how many can be inside at one time. We are hoping to re-open by May 11th - at this point we are considering not taking cash. We will be communicating the online payment options available and the option to email homeowner grants.

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