Approved EAF's

I have been directed to asked if anyone has had any luck with any approvals of EAF's during this COVID crisis for anything other than Overtime?


  • Hello Jim
    City of Powell River has had success with approvals of EAF's. The project was a joint project between the City and health authority so there was support from the RD, City, Local Dr's and the Health Authority so it was a rater well supported which might have lead to a quick approval.

  • Hi Jim,
    District of Mackenzie has been approved for communication mail outs, and purchase of PPE.

  • City of Fort St John was approved for distancing signage, and portable washrooms for the vulnerable population downtown.

  • The Village of Lions Bay was approved for distancing signage.
    Has anyone been issuing refunds for facilities rentals and has anyone tried submitting an EAF for this?

  • Fort St John has issued refunds but no, we did not submit for reimbursement.

  • Revelstoke was approved for distancing signage, but not PPE

  • Hi all, I'm going to open up this discussion again because we are definitely having troubles getting any expenditures approved. The only thing we've had approved, so far, is the signage for our trails & parks. But similar signage for inside City Hall, as well as distancing stickers, has been denied. Still waiting to hear back on the sneeze guards we need to install before opening to the public next week. We would not have spent any of these funds if it weren't for COVID-19. I've finding it a bit inconsistent and I'm wondering if others are having the same challenges? Thanks!

  • It seems to be inconsistent. I was following their matrix but received phone calls from Preoc asking to revise 4 out of 5 of our EAF's. They have been very helpful with wording but it really depends on the day it seems. A couple days ago they called and asked me to take out the explanations and any wording to do with "signage", and just say "EOC supplies". They are also calling a lot of what we are doing as business continuity, rather than response to Covid. I disagree of course as we wouldn't be doing any of this if there wasn't a pandemic.

  • City of Kelowna has been approved for:
    -incremental contracted janitorial in civic buildings and park washrooms up to 2x per day per health authority recommendation,
    -potential contracted deep cleaning if a case of COVID-19 is confirmed in staff not working solely at home, and
    -portable washrooms/sinks to support vulnerable populations.

    We were denied for deploying casual staff as additional by-law officers (to support public health compliance) due to being a larger community with enough by-law officer capacity. A smaller city with few or no by-law officers could be approved.

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