Reserve Forecasting Tool

Does anyone have any automated tools that they use to forecast uncommitted reserve balances? We currently use a combination of spreadsheets and various system reports, but as situations evolve and we need more relevant and up-to-date information the iterations become labour intensive and thus slow. This makes it hard for me to give quick and definitive answers about available capital resources when needed.

Ideally, the tool would have the ability to forecast many years into the future as well.
Our financials come out of JD Edwards 9.20 and we also use Hubble software to do reporting out of JD Edwards.

Any help would be appreciated.


  • Hello

    I see a few people lurking at this post but no replies yet. I have not come across specific reserve forecasting tools however I am lead to believe that there is a reserve forecast function within the Questica budget software. Some work has to be done to setup the forecast and I have yet to get that deep into Questica but it is a function that I want to explore.

    The ability to tie the budget to the reserve forecast in the same program in my opinion will be a huge time saver. This will allow for reserve forecasting to go as far into the future as the budget does.

  • Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the response. We actually use Questica for our capital program here but we use the forecasting tool in a pretty limited way. The reason for that is because loading information into it is kind of slow and cumbersome and from a manual perspective this can be done much quicker in a spreadsheet. It suffers too from a lack of tight integration with our ERP. This may be something we work on in the future.

    What systems are you using for capital and reserve management, Adam?

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