Penalty on NSF

We received a cheque before the due date and processed the payment. However in early July after the penalty date the cheque bounced. Should the penalty be applied to the account? I am assuming the penalty would be charged but I am looking at what other communities do.



  • We received a cheque payment on the due date from a resident and we got notification the day after we deposited it to say it bounced. We applied the 10% penalty to the outstanding tax levy amount and then applied an NSF charge as per our bylaw.

    Rowena Godfrey
    District of Sparwood

  • We would apply the penalty.

    Lorraine Coughlin
    Director of Finance
    Town of Gibsons

  • Similar to others, Abbotsford would apply our 5% penalty, plus a $25 NSF fee. There would be no penalty on the NSF fee.

  • We would also apply the penalty and Ret'd Cheque charge.

  • We would apply the penalty to the account and a $20 NSF fee

    Amanda Webster
    Resort Municipality of Whistler
    Senior Accounting Clerk

  • Thanks everyone!

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