Posting date for financial institution payments - online or in branch

Which date do you use as your payment date for property taxes - the day it is deposited into your municipal bank account or the day it was processed by the financial institution? For online banking, do you accept a payment made after hours on the due date?
We have noted in online payments that the delay between the date payment is made at the bank and the date of deposit into our bank account has been increasing in some cases.

Jedha Holmes, Manager of Finance
City of Parksville



  • District of Central Saanich accepts the day of processing at the bank. The bank is acting as our agent. The only items we find late are if the bank is still sending us the tear-away slip. This is usually only for out-of town or out-of-province items. Most of the local banks process as on-line.

    We accept on-line payments that are "date stamped" the due date. Usually the payment has to have been made prior to 5 or 6 pm to be on-time.

    Donna Gilbert
    District of Central Saanich

  • Revelstoke accepts the payment date provided in the advice from the bank, for online payments. Our local branches don't accept payment at the branch.

  • We post our payments with the date processed by the bank as well as accept online payments after hours.

    The tax payer would have a date stamp when paying at the bank on the due date as well as confirmation from online banking to the date paid. Our files are back dated for 2/3 days when importing into our system just the few days after due date.

    Amanda Webster
    Resort Municipality of Whistler
    Senior Accounting Clerk

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    We accept the payment date that it is processed by the bank as these are printed on their deposit submissions sent to us. and therefore we can prove that the taxpayer physically made the payment on or before the due date.

    Rowena Godfrey
    District of Sparwood

  • We accept the payment date as processed by the bank for in person and online transactions. We used to insist that the payment was made before the bank's local cut off time but after too much hair pulling with how different banks treat cut off times we simply will accept anything made on the due date up until midnight.

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