Annual Grant in Aid Budgets

I've been tasked with comparing annual Grant in Aid budgets for BC municipalities similar in size to the City of Merritt (pop. 7,500). I would also be interested to know values for other municipalities regardless of size. Maybe even a formula that you use to determine the budget. Is your budget for this type of grant increasing or decreasing? The City of Merritt annual budget for Grant in Aid requests is $87k per year. This equates to just over 1% of our municipal tax revenue. Respond to this thread or email directly at [email protected] Thanks!


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    Campbell River provides a budget for GIA at 1.6% of annual operating expenses. This amounts to approximately $716,000 with a population of approximately 34,000. Because it is formulae based it tends to increase annually - and often faster than the increase in demand. As a result, Council decreased the percentage from 1.7% to 1.6% a year and a half ago.

  • Our grants in aid are frugal at Parksville. Total budget is $31,300. This is about .25% of our municipal property taxes.
    I have not included the permissive tax exemptions that council grants to many organizations. Not sure if that was to be included or not.

  • Revelstoke's budget is $25K. Population 7,500. It's about 0.2% of property taxes and 0.1% of the operating budget. Demand is usually right around the $25K mark. And the amount hasn't been increased in well over a decade. This excludes PTEs.

  • Cranbrook's Grant in Aid budget for 2019 is $240,205 based on 1% of tax revenue. Population is 20,000.

  • Lucky - not looking at permissive although we do list the amount of any permissive tax exemptions when summarizing the grant in aid requests just so Council is aware of all other sources of municipal aid.

  • The Village of Sayward provides a $2,200 GIA to our Tourism Committee every year, and Council is also allotted $1,500 per year for discretionary Economic Development GIA's. We can't afford much else unfortunately.

  • The District of Summerland's 2019 GIA budget is $45,000, which works out to 0.52% of property tax revenues and 0.29% of our operating budget. Our population is 11,615 and we are always oversubscribed on our GIA applications, which prompted council to increase the annual allotment by $10,000 in 2017.

  • We have some specific contracts/grants with our museum ($40K), art gallery ($49k) and public art commission ($28,366 this year and is $2 per population as per BC Stats). And then on top of that we have $15K annually that is application awarded specifically for Community Hall grants (we are probably unusual here, we have 3 community halls run by community associations) and then there is $7k for everyone else, application based. All of that adds up to $139K and is about 0.5% of our operating budget. Our population is about 14,000.

  • Thanks everyone. I will add a link here to the report back to Council with the municipal comparisons. Once we get through year-end :)

  • I should add that our Corporate Officer is working on an overhaul of our policies around Grant in Aid, including a consolidation into one and I will post that when it is complete. Should be before summer ;) Until then, happy granting!

    Here is a link to the Agenda for review of our Grant in Aid Policy(5.1) see community GIA comparison sheet (5.1.5) prepared with input from municipalities that responded to my questions on the forum and online.

    Here is a link to the Agenda with suggested Grant in Aid Policy revisions (see 9.2)

    Difficult to compare apples to apples given the different approaches to GIA.

    Thanks for all the input.

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