Proposed 2019 tax rate increase?

I'm curious if any of you have proposed (or final) tax rate increases? We just completed Financial Planning and have a Council approved 2.55% rate increase.


  • 2% general, 1.8% for our roads infrastructure (last increase of a 3 year plan of increases approved by council) and 4.9% for a new firehall as approved by referendum in the last election

  • Curious why your new firehall and 4.9% increase had to go to referendum Tanya, I’m still in learning mode in my new role and would love more info.
  • We're proposing 3.9% including our annual 1% dedicated road tax and a 1.8% increase resulting from the general fund portion or our $10 million road borrowing program.

  • Lake Country needed a new firehall - we didn't have enough reserves to just build it outright so we needed to borrow. The borrowing is what requires electoral assent - that can be done through either alternative approval process (AAP) where you put it out and if more than 10% of your voters sign a petition against it, you cannot borrow and either need to rescind the borrowing bylaw or go through a referendum. We skipped straight to referendum, AAP is not popular amongst our politicians. Our referendum passed so we are moving ahead on a new firehall!

  • Ahhh, got it! Is a referendum a more expensive route to take?

  • Definitely more expensive to run a referendum - think the cost of an election. Good if you can time it to coincide with the election, expensive if you cannot.

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    Lets see if I can bring this thread back to life
    Powell River is going to be recommending a 5% increase.
    I just read on the the news that Port Moody is going to make us all look good and is suggesting a 7%.

  • Radium Hot Springs is looking at a 2% increase along with a new parcel tax of $140 for all owners. We went to a referendum in 2017 which was passed to build a new Community Centre. Council chose the route of Parcel Tax to pay the debt instead of a tax increase.

    Karen Sharp, Village of Radium Hot Springs

  • Kamloops was at 3.38 before Xmas but we are now down around 2.75 but are proposing some tax based supplemental items and expect we will be around 3 when it's all said and done.

  • Penticton is proposing a 3.6% increase.

  • Sayward is looking at a 2.5% increase as directed by Council.

  • Kamloops is at 2.25 for provisional and we are going to finalize our supplemental (new) asks in early March. If all approved they would add just under 1 %. We are proposing 0.5% for asset management in the supplemental budget.

  • Revelstoke is sitting at 4.5% in the draft budget going out to the public for comment. 2% for core operating, 1% for capital reserves & 1.5% for new operating initiatives (i.e. staff)

  • Township of Langley is going to 4th and final reading on April 1st for a 3.85% property tax revenue increase.

  • District of Summerland is looking at 3.5%. 1.0% to cover operational increases and 2.5% specific for asset management replacement.

  • Village of Burns Lake 2% for inflation.

    Susan Meeds, CPA, CGA
    Director of Finance
    Village of Burns Lake

  • District of Lillooet Council approved a 2% increase; however, limiting the Business class to 1%.

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