Council prioritization of annual capital projects

The City of Kelowna is reviewing the way in which Council is involved in the annual capital budgeting process. I am inquiring about processes that allow Council to directly prioritize projects and how those projects are evaluated against staff’s proposed annual projects. For context The City of Kelowna has adopted an annually reviewed 10-year Capital Master Plan that is endorsed by Council. Staff rely on this master planning document to guide annually proposed capital projects.

Specific questions about the annual capital budgeting process:

a) Does your municipality use a scoring matrix/scored weighting system or similar
i) Is the scoring criteria approved by Council?
ii) Does Council directly apply the scoring criteria and if so
iii) At what stage of the annual capital budgeting process does this occur?

b) Does your municipality allow Council to review proposed projects at a stage earlier than at final approval/in council deliberations?

Thank you,

Chris Gregson (Financial Analyst, Infrastructure City of Kelowna)

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