BMO Spend Dynamics import file to GP Diamond

Does anyone use BMO purchasing card and imports file to GP Diamond using BMO Spend Dynamics?



  • We are using BMO purchasing cards and have switched this year to Spend Dynamics - sorry we haven't gotten anywhere near to being able to export our information - but I was wondering if we could contact you to discuss exactly what you are doing in Spend Dynamics and how it's going? My email is [email protected] 778-797-8856. thanks,

  • Township of Esquimalt does but it's via Excel then Access and a text file Import Routine in GP. Feel free to call or email me if you want more details. [email protected]

    Paula O'Keefe CPA, CA
    Township of Esquimalt
    Accounting Coordinator

  • We successfully implemented import of purchasing card transactions from BMO Spend Dynamics to GP Diamond Purchasing. If anyone needs information, you can send me an email to [email protected]

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    We do this currently via an excel spreadsheet then copy paste directly into GP via a JE.
    Contact me via email if you would like further information.
    [email protected]

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