Asset Disposal and public notice

Just wondering if the requirement to publish notice in a local newspaper for all asset disposals is necessary or just when it is a certain dollar value. I read in section 94 of cc that a council must publish notice to dispose of land or improvements. I am specifically looking at sale of older vehicles. Any comments would be appreciated.


  • I have only seen land disposals being published with contact information if the public have any questions or concerns. All of our vehicle sales tend go to auction. I think the key principle is that the disposal process is transparent and in the case of non-land & improvements that the outside public has been given the opportunity to purchase the items at whatever the market bears.

  • Campbell River sends old vehicles and other assets off to auction without formal public notice. I interpret the legislation the same way - public notice is only required for land or improvements, not chattels.

  • Generally, asset disposals such as vehicles and surplus equipment etc. should be covered off in your purchasing policy. We auction vehicles.

    Rose Bronswyk Kassa, CPA, CMA

  • Thank you for your help!

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