School Tax Increase

How many other municipalities are reporting a huge increase to their school tax levy? Even with the impact of new construction excluded, Colwood is facing a 7.9% increase in the residential class for school tax. Seems excessive.



  • Parksville residential class has a 8.86% increase with new construction excluded. Overall the school tax went up 6.87% from last year- the commercial class had a much smaller increase than residential.

  • Northern Rockies sees a 15% increase in residential school tax rate over 2017. There was a 13% decrease in our industrial/business school tax rate.

  • The City of Salmon Arm residential school tax rate is up 3.31% over 2017. Industrial/Commercial sees a 12.5% decrease.

  • Campbell River residential class has a 10.76% increase. The overall increase from 2017 is 9.08%

  • Abbotsford residential has increased 10.9%. The overall increase from 2017 is 5.6%, as Class 6 saw some relief.

  • Metchosin's overall school increase is 15.1% from 2017.

  • Revelstoke's is 11.9% Ouch!

  • Whistler is up 10.97% overall

  • Radium is 5%... can anyone explain the differences between the different increases?

    Karen Sharp, Village of Radium Hot Springs

  • Sparwood is 3.3%, seems like we are one of the lucky ones

  • City of Cranbrook experienced a residential levy increase of 7.04% and a business levy decrease of 10.16%. I did contact the Province in regards to the large increase/decrease and they stated they were planning on putting out a circular in regards to this. I followed up yesterday and their comment was "no comment" and they are waiting word from their Policy Analyst.

  • Dawson Creek is down 1.96% overall however residential increased 6.54% offset by a commercial decrease of 14.6%

  • Melissa - are you able to let me know who you contacted at the Province? I would also like to follow up as we need an answer as well. Thanks,

  • Well, the circular has been issued - looks like there was an "administrative" error and a new OIC will be issued today. All rates will be "lower" according to the circular I received. I wonder how much lower?

  • Has anybody already mailed out their tax notices??

  • Thankfully no! Our municipal rates will be adopted on Monday.

  • I spoke with Bill Schley at the province - our rates are dropping slightly but the residential rates are still up 10.35%. He explained that municipalities that have had assessment increases greater than the province average will see higher than average increases. He also indicated that the burden is shifting from Metro Vancouver who have carried the burden for the past 10-12 years. I tried to press for an explanation or circular to explain this but I couldn't get a firm answer.

  • Sorry, just so I understand - your comment re: those munis with higher than provincial average assessment increases will see a higher than average RATE increase? or expected higher than average overall tax increases? I would expect the total school tax on homes that had higher than avg assessment increases to be higher than normal - but I also would have expected that in regions with significant assessment increases the rate to potentially drop - much as we do with our municipal rates. It would appear the province is looking to collect significantly higher school tax revenues than in the past based on these rate increases combined with large assessment increases.

  • No I didn't print my tax notices thanks to Invermere (Karen Cote!!! Thank you Thank you!!) who phoned me as I was running my tax notices today! STOP the presses!

    So grateful that muni's work together and support each other!
    KC your the best!

    Karen Sharp, Village of Radium Hot Springs

  • Awwww.... I know you would do the same for me... if there was ANY CHANCE that Invermere might actually be ahead of Radium Hot Springs in ANYTHING! :-) I certainly hope that no municipality in the Province has run their notices!

    Karen Cote
    District of Invermere
    [email protected]

  • Hi Dennis - yes the explanation I received was that the province will be collecting more residential school tax from municipalities who had higher than average property appreciation, excluding Metro Vancouver who has been carrying the tax burden for the past 10-12 years. I requested a circular or explanation to come out and Bill indicated there would be one, however he would not indicate when. He also indicated there was an industrial decline province wide, but could not give an explanation for that.

  • I understand the increase in residential, but why did business go down so much? Our rate went from 4.8 to 4.2, so our Business is going down over 10% (ie - Walmart's property taxes are decreasing!!). I don't understand the logistics behind the shift. To me it would make sense if they had the Business rate at say 4.5 and then our Residential wouldn't have increased as would have been more evenly distributed.

  • Since they revised the rates this morning, our % increase has declined from 8% to 2.7%. But this incident shows that school tax should really be subject to more scrutiny. It seems fair that all school districts should experience the same overall increase. Every year the rate should be adjusted to produce an equal increase in all residential areas. The rate would be calculated considering assessment increase in that area. Just like we prepare municipal rates. I have lost trust that there is a defensible policy or methodology. It feels like they are just experimenting with different rates.

  • With the revised rates, Metchosin went down to 10% from 15%.

  • Revelstoke dropped from a 12% increase to a 5% increase for residential.

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