Monthly Tax Penalty

Does anyone have a monthly tax penalty after July? Our Council is interested in charging 2% starting in July and 2% for each month after that from August to November. I cannot find any municipalities that are doing this right now.


  • I have never heard of that. I would discourage it as it will delay tax payments without that larger penalty on July 3rd or 4th. Also more work sending out new tax statements everytime you add a penalty in. We do 5% on tax due date and another 5% at the end of Sept.

  • We charge the 10% after the tax due date. How many others are following this portion of the charter?

    Karen Sharp, Village of Radium Hot Springs

  • I am trying to discourage it...right now we have 10% after tax due date. I am trying to suggest the 5% and 5%.

  • Revelstoke does the 10% after the due date. Anything else would create additional work for staff. The tax due date is like Christmas, it comes around once a year and everyone is well aware of it :)

  • Sparwood also does the 10% penalty after the tax due date in July

  • Salmon Arm does the 10% penalty after the July tax due date as well.

  • Abbotsford charges a 5% penalty after the July tax due date, and a second 5% penalty the day after Sept.15. We also will reverse penalties on the HOG portion of taxes, if a resident claims their grant between the July due date and Sept.15. This is all outlined in a Tax Penalty bylaw.

  • Campbell River is 10% after July due date. I would recommend staying away from a custom penalty schedule - particularly one as drawn out as proposed. As punitive as 10% all at once is, it's easy to defend seeing as it's written right into the Charter.

  • Kelowna does 5% after July due date and 5% after August long weekend due date

  • Thanks Everyone! I will try to convince them to stick with 10%.

  • Invermere applies 5% after July due date and 5% after July 31st

    Karen Cote
    District of Invermere
    [email protected]

  • Squamish is 5 and 5 too, not a fan, but we inherited it and now the community expects it. It has merits from a customer service and empathetic point of view for those rate payers that miss by a day or two but adds some administration with limited additional collections between penalties.

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