Sewer rates for micro breweries

For those municipalities that have micro breweries within their boundaries - do you charge a sewer surcharge or higher sewer rates for these types of businesses compared to regular restaurant/pub type businesses? If so what do you charge these types of businesses compared to other business and other pub sewer rates? Thanks.


  • Hi Michelle, Gibsons recently added a sanitary sewer surcharge for micro breweries.

    The rates are as follows (per 6 month period):
    Fermentation Operation - Brewery: $375 for 2000 hl/year or portion thereof
    Fermentation Operation - Distillery: $187.50

    These charges are in addition to the sewer rates they pay for being a pub/restaurant.

    Lorraine Coughlin
    Manager of Financial Services
    Town of Gibsons

  • Kelowna has two bylaws pertaining to sewer 6618 and 3480 (on our website) and when I asked the question to our utilities department I got these details:
    Breweries that sell beer offsite operate under a waste discharge permit. Parameters regulated under their permits are BOD, COD, TSS, and pH and Phosphorus. The Authorized Max Concentrations are:

    COD 25,000 mg/L
    BOD 15,000 mg/L
    TSS 1,000 mg/L
    pH 5.5 -10.5
    Total P 50 mg/L

    Sanitary surcharges apply to effluent over the Bylaw limit of:

    250 mg/L BOD
    300 mg/L TSS
    90 mg/L FOG

    The current sewage surcharge rates are:

    $0.41 per kg BOD
    $0.41 per kg TSS
    $0.18 per kg FOG

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