Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

We have recently installed 4 electric vehicle charging stations. The total cost is in excess of $ 50,000.
Our thoughts are to capitalize these stations but we're not sure if they should be Land improvements , equipment or something else.

If you have Electric vehcile chargaing stations, how are you accounting for them?
Thanks for your input.


  • Hi Pam,

    We are just constructing one ourselves... I was thinking it would be equipment. I certainly would be interested in hearing how others are accounting for them.

    Karen Sharp - Radium Hot Springs

    Karen Sharp, Village of Radium Hot Springs

  • I would think that equipment would be appropriate from an accounting perspective.

    Rose Bronswyk Kassa, CPA, CMA

  • We build some over the past few years and included it with equipment. Thought being that they will need to be replaced and maintained like equipment

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