Disposal of Property (Buildings) owned by the Municipality

Does anyone have a policy that discusses when a municipality would consider disposing of a building that it owns. This can be if the building (property) is not being used for municipal purposes and there is no expectation that it would be used by the municipality in the future and there is no strategic benefit for the municipality to keep it.


  • Hi Leslie: we do not have such a policy, but the criteria you have listed is exactly the way we evaluate whether or not to dispose of municipal property...is it currently in use, is there any expectation that it may be put into use in the future, and is there a strategic aspect to holding the property.

    We usually start this discussion by polling departments for their thoughts on the subject property, but I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised in the past where Council came up with a great strategic use for a property that staff had not considered.

    Kris Boland, Director of Finance, District of Mission

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