e-hub service to issue property tax certificate

Hello All,
Does anyone is using a 3rd party, or an e-hub service to issue property tax certificates online, like API Canada? Could you kindly share your existing process or your existing agreement relating to the security and privacy of information? Thank you.


  • Hi Odie We use apicanada and love it. Langford set it up for us so I recommend reaching out to their IT department for specifics. It is fantastic. No more lawyer requests; saves me about 1/2 hour on average per day.

  • Central Saanich has been using API for 5+ years. It is terrific and the funds are deposited at the end of every month. Payment notification is by way of email. No invoicing, no faxing, scanning, emailing, etc. of tax certificates.

    Donna Gilbert
    District of Central Saanich

  • The City of Kimberley has been using APIC for about a year now. We are having issues with the per diem amount provided on the certificate. When lawyers use the per diem amount to calculate the balance to a certain date it ends being out a few cents due to rounding. I'm curious if any other communities have experienced the same problem.

  • What is the cost of using a 3rd party?

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