Asset Appraisal RFP for property insurance

Has anyone prepared a recent RFP for asset appraisal for property insurance purposes that you would be willing to share with me - Tiffany Moore, Regional District of Nanaimo [email protected]


  • No, and we were way overdue for an updated appraisal. However, we switched to MIA's new property insurance program in 2015, and their proposal included appraisals for all buildings and contents at no additional cost, when necessary. I would definitely recommend looking into MIA's property insurance program...the premiums were very competitive, it solved our appraisal issue, and as you probably know MIA's staff are very helpful and great to deal with.

    Sorry for the late reply Tiffany, if nothing else hopefully this is helpful to others or perhaps something for you to consider in future.

    Kris Boland, Director of Finance, District of Mission

  • We completed one about 3 years ago, let me follow up and see if we went to RFP or not. If we did I'll gladly share the documents.

  • We did an RFP for general insurance services a few years ago, if that helps. I am willing to share [email protected]

    Melissa Smith
    City of Cranbrook
    [email protected]
    (250) 489-0265

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